ncd extractor announcement

I recently encountered a music album from OverClocked Remix that contained cover art in Nero CoverDesigner files (file extension .ncd). I couldn't find an open-source Linux program to open these files, so I took a look in a hex editor. Much to my surprise, I found that the contained several sets of plain old PNG data. Thus, I present ncd-extractor. It's a very stupid simple program that extracts all PNG images from a NCD file, saving them as <name of NCD file>.X.png, where X is the number of the image. I provide it with no warranties or guarantees (in fact, I'm pretty sure there are bugs in it; my C is a bit rusty). It is licensed under the GNU GPL v3. Patches are welcome. Where to send them? Well, my name is Alex, and you can see my domain name in your browser's address bar...figure it out. I'll probably put it up on Gitorious at some point; that will make contributing easier.