CenturyLink likes to jerk its customers around

So, today I got a letter from CenturyLink threatening to disconnect my service if I don't pay up. News to me; I have an auto-pay account.

Or at least I thought I did. As it turns out, when I upgraded my service a while back, they decided to give me a new account. I don't think they told me that they were doing so. The certainly didn't have the decency to copy over my auto-pay settings or even ask if I wanted to do that.

So, I went to their website to set up a new online management account. I use KeePassX to manage my passwords. When setting up a new account somewhere, I typically have KeePassX generate a horrifyingly long an complicated password, which I then copy and paste into the password fields. This has worked fine an every other site I've used. Not on CenturyLink's site! It works fine for the "type your password" box, but not for the "type your password again" box! Apparently they use some evil Javascript voodoo to prevent copy/paste (note to nitpickers: I'm pretty sure you can't copy from a password field).

I click the submit button, and the site then tells me that my user ID must be at least 7 character. WTF? WHY? What logical reason is there for that? THE USER ID IS NOT A PASSWORD. BEING DIFFICULT TO GUESS IS NOT ADVANTAGEOUS. After fixing that, I discovered that the section where they say, "You can change your security code if you want to" is, in fact, not optional. If you don't want to change it, you have to type in the existing code. Having a hint for the code is also not optional. My hint is entirely unhelpful for remembering the code. It is extremely helpful, though, for reminding myself how I feel right now.

I finally got the damn site to accept my password and user ID and such, so it then asked me if I wanted to use electronic or paper billing. I chose electronic. It then asked me if I wanted to use paperless (a.k.a. electronic) billing. I said yes. It then gave me this:


What happens if I click "Save Changes"? Will it apply the proposed change? What happens if I click "Cancel"? Will it forget everything else I've done, forcing me to start over from the very beginning? Also, why the fuck is it asking me this to begin with? I TOLD YOU TWICE, I WANT ELECTRONIC BILLING!

On top of all this, the first time it asked me which kind of billing I wanted, it also asked if I wanted to use auto-pay. I said yes, and it apparently forgot all about that. Also, the site is slow.

This is the sort of shit I expect from Comcast.

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